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With over 10 years of experience in the carpentry trade, we provide the highest quality woodworking and finish carpentry in Toronto GTA, Canada. In need of trim work, millwork, finish carpentry services, or any other skilled woodwork?
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About Us

Qualified Team

Our team is made up of professional carpenters, with a lot of experience in the construction industry. Working in the most efficient and productive way and dedicated to provide only the best solution for your house.

Excellence and Affordable

Its been said “great service with a good price is impossible” NOT WITH US!
We work together with your budget to provide you with the best price and quality. We take pride in every project, knowing that the quality and service we provide will be our best and respectful to your budget.

Satisfaction and Relationship

Satisfaction guarantee is our goal as a business. Building strong relationships with our clients is the reason we have a long lasting partnership over many years.

"Once you choose us you will never leave us!"

Our Work

Indoor or outdoor, commercial or domestic, we in Chosen Finish Carpentry offer any possible carpentry and woodworking services you may require.
From baseboard to door installation, wall panels to libraries we will do it all.
We love finding the right solution for every situation, and are not deterred by a little challenge!


Write to us or give us a call now, we’re always happy to provide a free consultation and help out with any questions you may ask.

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